Manage Your Android Ringtones with Free Ringo App

Manage Your Android Ringtones with Free Ringo App


They say that the best things in life are free and that appears to be the case today if you happen to have a T-Mobile G1. Want to control those ringtones in an easy and efficient manner? The new Ringo Ringtone Manager for Google Android looks to fit the bill to a tee.

Available for free (in exchange for your email address) at, the Ringo Ringtone Manager gives you complete control over your ringtones and SMS alerts. It’s interesting that this kind of functionality wasn’t built into Android from the get-go, but it’s good to see a third party come to the rescue.

The best part is that the ringtones don’t have to be universal. You can “personalize each of your contacts with a ringtone & SMS tone.” In this way, you can know exactly who is calling or texting you without actually looking at the phone itself. Yes, other smartphones already do that, but now Android can do it too.

Electric Pocket, the developers of Ringo, are offering this current version for free, but they’ll have a paid commercial version when it is possible to do so. Presumably, when Android Market starts allowing paid applications, the commercial version of Ringo will come with some premium features.