Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial Showcases Genesis Coupe

Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial Showcases Genesis Coupe


When the company can afford to have multiple multi-million dollar ad spots during this Sunday’s football game, you know that they’re doing pretty well for themselves. Aside from the game itself, a big focus during the Super Bowl is on the commercials and we’re getting an advanced peek at Hyundai’s lineup.

There are at least five Super Bowl spots from the Korean automaker, but the one that really caught my eye was the one that features the all-new Hyundai Genesis Coupe. No, that’s not a Tiburon. Based on the recent winner of North American Car of the Year, the Genesis Coupe is, well, the coupe version of the Genesis sedan.

Dubbed “Epic Lap”, this commercial has the hot new ride ripping around a test track, drifting around corners and burning some serious rubber. Even better, Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins provide his own unique style and music for the TV ad, inviting you to create your own Genesis Coupe commercial. Does it make you want to buy Hyundai’s latest hotness? Maybe.

At least four other ad spots are being featured by Hyundai during the Super Bowl, including one that features angry bosses, another one that comes with plenty of bragging, one that emphasizes their commitment to commitment, and one that speaks directly to the recession-freaked economy.