Big Studios Prepping Premium Games for iPhone

Big Studios Prepping Premium Games for iPhone


Up until now, the vast majority of games available for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch have been priced at under five dollars, oftentimes selling for a buck or two. However, that may soon be changing with the pending introduction of premium games at a premium price.

Apple wants to open up the App Store to some of the bigger video game studios in the industry, allowing them to charge somewhere in the neighborhood of $19.99 per game. The invitation is going out to big name publishers like GameLoft and EA, letting them push out iterations of Diner Dash and The Sims for twenty bucks a pop.

This price point gives the publishers more room to develop better games, competing a little closer to the PSP and the Nintendo DS. Steve Jobs has already said that the iPhone (and iPod touch) is a bonafide gaming platform and by allowing “real” studios produce fuller games at a higher price, that declaration be ring truer than ever.

The increased price point for premium games is still a rumor at this point, but what’s stopping these guys from charging more money for their games anyhow? If someone else can charge $1000 for a social networking app, why can’t EA charge us $20 for the latest version of Madden?