Virgin Mobile Gets Helio Ocean 2 in Time for V-Day


    With Virgin Mobile’s relatively recent acquisition of Helio, many of us were left wondering when the MVNO would bring the highly anticipated Helio Ocean 2 into the fray. Well, the wait is about to end.

    The first Helio Ocean offered quite the unique three-layered design. Slide it out vertically and you got a numeric keypad. Slide it out horizontally and you got a QWERTY keyboard. That’s pretty neat. The Helio Ocean 2 for Virgin Mobile continues with this tradition and it should hit the usual channels on February 12th. That gives you a solid day or two to get it for your honey in time for Valentine’s Day. Look! It even comes with reddish accents!

    You may also recall that the Helio Ocean 2 and Virgin Mobile would be one of the official sponsors of Britney Spears’ next tour, which kicks off on March 3rd. In this way, the Ocean 2 will be available a full three weeks before Britney hits that baby one more time. Or something.

    In terms of features, you get a 2.6-inch QVGA display, optical sensor for touchpad navigation, dual slider design, 2GB internal memory, microSD slot, 2-megapixel camera with video and geotagging, full HTML tabbed browsing, threaded text messages, ad full access to all Helio services like Buddy Beacon and HelioUP.

    The Helio Ocean 2 will be available in “red limited edition” at launch with other colors coming “later in the year.”