Video: Unboxing the BlackBerry Storm 9530 from Telus Mobility

Video: Unboxing the BlackBerry Storm 9530 from Telus Mobility


As the first touchscreen BlackBerry from Research in Motion, the BlackBerry Storm is certainly garnering a lot of attention. The good people at Telus Mobility were gracious enough to provide me with a unit to take out for a test run, offering just a glimpse into what this phone can (and cannot) do.

Before I get down to the nitty-gritty of a full review, perhaps it would be fitting to introduce you to the phone and to show you what is included in the box. Aside from the phone itself, you get the standard documentation, installation CD, carrying pouch, wall charger with adapters, headset, USB cable, and a cleaning cloth.

In terms of first impressions, I was initially impressed with the innovative “clicking” touchscreen. The BlackBerry Storm 9530 really offers a unique interface. With most other touchscreen smartphones, a tap is equivalent to a click, even if you don’t really want to click through to an app or a function. The Storm fixes this concern by differentiating between a touch and a click.

As I continued to run the Storm through its paces, however, I quickly discovered that it was clearly not without its shortcomings. The on-screen keyboard resulted in more typos than I would have liked and it was not immediately obvious how I could show and hide the keyboard. I would have preferred a hot key to be available at all times for that purpose.

Expect the full review of the Telus Mobility BlackBerry Storm 9530 to be posted in about a week or so.