OnPar Golfer GPS Handheld with iPhone Flair

OnPar Golfer GPS Handheld with iPhone Flair


For most people, GPS devices are largely reserved for getting around town and navigating the highways to grandma’s house. For the outdoorsy types, there are GPS devices that will ensure you don’t get lost in the middle of the woods. And then there are GPS devices for the avid golfers in the audience.

Finding GPS devices for golfers is nothing new, but the new OnPar GPS could be one of the most aesthetically pleasing to date. That’s because it borrows quite a bit from the iPhone in terms of style.

Featuring a large 3.5″ touchscreen display, the OnPar GPS device for golfers features a menu that is not unlike that on the iPhone, letting you navigate to its different functions and applications. From there, you can see a better view of the current hole on the current golf course, determine distance to pin, work out your score, and so on.

The dynamic hole layout display is probably the most feature that will see the most play, but you can also use OnPar to determine how far away you are from the drink, a sand trap, or other hazards too. OnPar can store info for up to 300 courses to boot.

Pricing for the OnPar has not been announced, but specialty stores will start stocking his device in early February.