General Mobile DSTL1 Android Phone Looks Hot, Rocks Double SIM

General Mobile DSTL1 Android Phone Looks Hot, Rocks Double SIM


When the T-Mobile G1 finally launched last year, most people weren’t terribly excited about the hardware, but the prospects of the Google Android software made for a promising proposition. As the platform continues to mature and more manufacturers start making smartphones using its framework, we could have more interesting handsets on our hands.

One of the newest Google Android-powered smartphones to enter the fray is the General Mobile DSTL1. You may not have ever heard of General Mobile, but this handset is simply gorgeous and cannot be ignored. It features a 3-inch Sharp touchscreen, double SIM slots for dual calling, and an utterly sleek appearance.

The angled corners are complemented by black glass, chrome accents, and brilliant black plastic. The design is familiar, looking sort of like an HTC Touch Diamond, but with a huge dash of extra class.

In terms of features, you get a Marvell PXA 310 (624MHz) processor running the show, tri-band GSM, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, FM radio, 4GB of internal memory, card slot, 5-megapixel autofocus camera (Sharp), and video chat. There’s not explicit mention of 3G, but you’ve got to figure that’s in there too.

The General Mobile DSTL1 Android Phone should be on display at Mobile World Congress (formerly 3GSM) next month.