Sony PSP Hits the Carnival Dressed Up in Clown Colors

Sony PSP Hits the Carnival Dressed Up in Clown Colors


What is it that you desire the most from an updated Sony PlayStation Portable? Clearly, Sony is in touch with our desires, because here are four new models of the PSP dressed up in exuberant bright colors. Yes, that’s what we want. More colors.

Over in the land of Japan, we find the new Carnival Colors line of the PSP. The Radiant Red and Vibrant Blue renditions of the handheld will start shipping on March 5th, whereas the Bright Yellow and Spirited Green editions hit Japanese retailers on March 19th. No matter the color, a new brightly-painted PSP will run you 19,800 Yen (about $220).

What else do you get with the Carnival Colors PSP? Is there a second analog stick? A better web browser? A slimmer design? Nope, none of those. You get an exceptionally loud paint job that’ll save you the trouble of shipping a regular PSP to Colorware or something. Yay?

On a side note, Sony will continue to sell extended life battery covers for each of these Carnival Colors PSP systems, so at least you can keep gaming for a slightly longer period of time. The batteries are discontinued in the United States.