Download Windows Mobile 6.5 Beta for Free

Download Windows Mobile 6.5 Beta for Free


It may not be quite the same thing as finally getting our hands on Windows Mobile 7, but we are getting a little closer to that day with the leaked release of a Windows Mobile 6.5 beta. Yes, this is still the beta version of the new operating system, so it will surely come with its fair share of bugs and problems, but at least you can see what Microsoft has in store for its smartphone enthusiasts.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that the leaked beta seems to only work with an HTC Blue Angel Pocket PC phone, so if you’re rocking any other Windows Mobile device, you’re still out of luck for now. On the bright side, you’re probably not missing out on all that much.

Based on the provided screenshots and early discussion, Windows Mobile 6.5 is a pretty minor upgrade over the Windows Mobile 6.1. The only critical differences appear to be cosmetic, giving you a slightly different user experience.

For instance, the home screen almost has a Zune-like feel to it with the large text for voicemail, phone, text, appointments, and so forth. Perhaps the saddest thing, at least for me, is that the dial pad has remained largely unchanged since Windows Mobile 5.

If you happen to rock the Blue Angel and want to take WM 6.5 for a spin, you can find the leaked beta on XDA-Dev. Proceed at your own risk.

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