President Obama Can Keep His BlackBerry After All

President Obama Can Keep His BlackBerry After All


No, you can’t keep your BlackBerry. “Yes, I can!” No, it’s a security risk and you wouldn’t be able to keep your data safe. “Yes, I can!” Okay fine, you can keep it. “Yes!”

The new President of the United States has been putting up quite the fight to keep up with his CrackBerry addiction. He’s just not willing to give up that wonderful handheld that offers so much satisfaction, despite all the security risks that the Secret Service and other government officials are warning him about. After all that fighting and all that struggle, Obama has come out on top.

President Obama has now been granted permission to keep his BlackBerry, but only for personal use. Presumably, this means that he can use his Berry to check up on sports scores and to send a quick message to Michelle about how he’ll be late for dinner.

For all official communications, however, Barack Obama will be forced to use the much less satisfying Sectera Edge (below right). The business device, powered by Windows Mobile, is supposed to be much more secure and it has been approved by the NSA for official use. Too bad it’s ugly as sin.

Barack Obama has busted a lot of boundaries and barriers during this great campaign. His “little” victory in getting to keep his BlackBerry at all speaks volumes about just how tech-happy he is.