First Look: HTC Sapphire as T-Mobile G2 Android Phone

First Look: HTC Sapphire as T-Mobile G2 Android Phone


People who have fallen in love with devices like the Apple iPhone 3G and the HTC Touch Diamond aren’t so excited about the keyboard-equipped T-Mobile G1, so it seems that the T-Mobile G2 will cater a little more to their preferences.

What you see here is a sneak peek at the HTC Sapphire, a smartphone powered by Google Android that just may become the T-Mobile G2 at some point in the very near future. The overall form factor is somewhat similar to the existing T-Mobile G1, but it lacks a physical keyboard altogether.

Instead of using a hardware-based keyboard, the T-Mobile G2 relies on its large touchscreen display and the integrated trackball for all of your call-making, web-surfing, and email-sending needs. Based on this design, we’d have to assume that it has a virtual on-screen keyboard to tackle your basics.

We’re still left with conjecture when it comes to the exact features and specifications, but we can see mention of a 3.2 megapixel camera without an LED flash. Presumably, it’ll take advantage of T-Mobile’s 3G network, come with Wi-Fi and GPS, and easily hop onto the Android Market. Sources are pointing toward a mid-May release.