Third Largest Cell Phone Manufacturer is LG Electronics

Third Largest Cell Phone Manufacturer is LG Electronics


The tide is shifting a little in the mobile phone marketplace, because what was once a small fish in a big pond is now a much bigger fish in an even bigger pond. The folks at LG Electronics have a reason to celebrate, because it turns out that LG is now the world’s third largest cell phone manufacturer.

This new title comes by way of the 2008 sales statistics. Last year, LG managed to sell approximately 100 million phones around the world. Looking in my own backyard, I’ve noticed a greater number of phones — like the LG Venus, Rumour, and Vu — getting released with cellular providers. LG is working hard for greater market penetration and it appears to be working.

To put that “100 million” figure into perspective, this puts LG ahead of big dogs Motorola and Sony Ericsson who sold 99.9 million devices (it was that close) and 96.6 million phones, respectively. The race was close for bronze, but LG fought its way onto the podium.

If LG hopes to get the equivalent of a silver or gold medal in the mobile phone game, however, it’s got a lot of work ahead of it. The world’s second largest phone seller, Samsung, pushed 200 million handsets into the hands of consumers, whereas the top dog, Nokia, shipped 470 million.