Nokia Receiving BlackBerry Connect Support Once More

Nokia Receiving BlackBerry Connect Support Once More


For the longest time, it was possible to get a BlackBerry-like experience on a Nokia smartphone by way of BlackBerry Connect. Research in Motion partnered with Nokia to get that infrastructure going and Nokia enthusiasts were glad for it. Then, last July, Nokia announced that it would cease development and support for BlackBerry Connect.

Well, as it turns out, Nokia and RIM are changing their tunes, because BlackBerry Connect is on its way back to Nokia S60 handsets. BlackBerry Connect is an application that allows these Nokia phones (and other devices) to connect to BlackBerry servers for all of that push email functionality.

For those of you who took advantage of the support while it lasted, you may recall that BlackBerry Connect only offered basic functionality, but it did allow the Nokia phone to access BES. This was great for corporate customers. Then Nokia took it away.

Research in Motion is now reportedly steering BB Connect back to Nokia. They say that Nokia will be happy to welcome BlackBerry Connect so long as RIM does all of the hard work in getting it going again. A timeline has not been issued, but they’re looking for BlackBerry connectivity to resume “in the near future.”