Japan Spied with Quantum of Cell Phone

Japan Spied with Quantum of Cell Phone


Even though Quantum of Solace has left the multiplexes for several months now, the movie is still garnering all sorts of interest for enthusiasts of international espionage. In fact, James Bond continues to be a huge brand name in Japan. That’s why we’re looking at the “official” Quantum of Solace cell phone.

Hopping over to the land of the rising sun, we discover a special edition version of the W63S mobile phone from KDDi au. The country’s second largest telecommunications company, KDDI au is proud to capitalize on this fascination with possibly the world’s most famous super spy.

The result of a cooperation between KDDI au and Okinawa Cellular, the Quantum of Solace Edition W63S comes by way of Sony Ericsson. As appears to be the norm in Japan, the W63S is a clamshell style phone with your standard set of cell phone features. I’m guessing that it gets preloaded with Bond-inspired wallpapers and mobile content, but the most eye-catching stuff would be the Bond-themed casing.

If you happen to find yourself over in Akihabara, you’ll be able to pick up the W63S Quantum of Solace 007 Edition for about $145. Do bear in mind that they are limiting production to just 3,000 units, so get ’em while they’re hot.