Super Safe Hard Drive Enclosure Survives Almost Anything

Super Safe Hard Drive Enclosure Survives Almost Anything


When you backup your important documents onto an external hard drive, the whole point is to keep your data safe. This 1.5TB ioSafe Solo external hard drive sounds like it is up to the task.

Boasting a whopping one and a half terabytes of storage capacity, you should have plenty of room for your treasured pictures, secret government documents, and a few incriminating videos to boot. Whereas other external hard drives may come with encryption and some other ways to keep hackers out, the focus on the Solo is to battle the elements.

Toss the ioSafe Solo hard drive into the middle of a fire and it will emerge largely unscathed. It’s got regular vents for cooling, but if the FloSafe technology detects destructive temperatures, it’ll shut those vents to protect your data.

Dunk it into the toilet, letting it flush a few times, and it will come out the other side dry and untouched. Beat it, batter it, and have your dog chew on it, because the Solo is about as safe as it gets.

In fact, the people at ioSafe are so confident in the ruggedness and toughness of this backup drive that they will over a “Disaster Recovery Service providing up to $1,000 of third-party forensic drive data recovery service” if the company is unable to recover your information.

The 1.5TB Solo retails for $300, whereas the smaller 500GB model goes for $150.