Nokia N97 Super Phone Priced at a Cool $700

Nokia N97 Super Phone Priced at a Cool $700


It may have taken Nokia a little longer to enter the touchscreen arena and the first 5800 XpressMusic left a little to be desired, but the Nokia N97 super phone could really shape up to be one of the most desired handsets of the year.

I hope you have been saving up those pennies, because you’ll need quite a few of them to buy the new Nokia N97. An online site that sells a wide range of consumer electronics has tagged the N97 at a price of 479.99 GBP. That’s the unsubsidized price, so you can get it without a contract. Since the price is in Pounds Sterling, I’m assuming that you’ve figured out this is a UK price point.

The same online site is posting a launch date of March 31, but Nokia representatives have countered that information saying that the company has not yet decided on an official release date. That said, Nokia “can confirm that it won’t be the 31 March.”

Putting the British price through a currency converter, we discover that the unsubsidized price works out to about $700. That’s sounds like quite the princely sum, but it’s actually a touch lower than the launch price for some other Nokia N-series smartphones in the past. I hope the price is a little lower when a NAM is released though.

Harnessing the power of a desktop PC (except with Symbian power), the Nokia N97 has a QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen display, 32GB of internal memory, and all sorts of other awesome doo-dahs.