Kogan Agora Android Phone Hits Indefinite Delay

Kogan Agora Android Phone Hits Indefinite Delay


The T-Mobile G1 is currently dominating the Google Android world, but we thought that the Kogan Agora and Agora Pro would give it a run for its money. Unfortunately, the next Android Phone has hit a serious snag, getting it delayed indefinitely. That’s right. Indefinitely.

As you may recall, the BlackJack-shaped Kogan Agora Pro will receive the full Google Android suite, GPS, Bluetooth, 2.0 megapixel camera, GSM, 3G, and all that jazz. The original plan called for an Australian release near the end of this month.

More specifically, Kogan (of Korea) said that the Agora and Agora Pro would hit the land of wallabies and kangaroos on January 29. The price was going to be attractive too, offering the Agora at AU$299 and the Agora Pro at AU$399. After getting their hopes up, Kogan now has their potential customers waiting for who knows how long.

The issue, according to Kogan Technologies, is that the Android-powered Agora has “potential future interoperability issues.” It may be fine right now, but they want “to ensure its compatibility with all future Android applications.” The Android Market could open up a lot of windows and Kogan wants those windows to stay open.

So, when will the Agora and Agora Pro hit the Aussie market? We’ll have to sit around, twiddle our thumbs, and wait with everyone else.