Every Circuit City Store is Closing for Good

Every Circuit City Store is Closing for Good


With the credit crisis affecting everyone across the board, people have started to cut out on expenses that aren’t quite as necessary. When you’re struggling to keep a roof above your head and food on the table, nabbing the latest iPod or home theatre equipment is probably the least of your worries.

As the economy continues to feel its crunch, Circuit City has decided to completely shut down, closing each and every brick-and-mortar store across the country. This is an expansion on what the electronics retailer started last year, shutting down more than 150 stores across the nation.

With all the stores set to close, Circuit City will be completely liquidated. In this way, it seems that Best Buy and Fry’s might be the only national electronics retailers left, assuming you don’t count megastores like Wal-Mart that sell things above and beyond the gadget market.

The last time I walked into a Circuit City, the shop was virtually devoid of customers. The sales reps were playing on the Wii and there was maybe one guy looking at some audio-video cables. That wasn’t a very good sign, considering that Best Buy was still bustling with potential customers.

Farewell, Circuit City. You’ll be missed. Then again, maybe you’ll follow Sharper Image’s footsteps and come back as a licensed brand?