Upgrading Cheap Earphones For Just Thirteen Bucks

Upgrading Cheap Earphones For Just Thirteen Bucks


Most MP3 players and other portable players come bundled with a pair of pretty cheap headphones, not really giving you the proper aural experience that you deserve. While you may want to invest in a pair of $100+ earphones, you might want to save some money too. The Silicone Acoustibuds adapters serve this very purpose.

Instead of buying a separate set of earphones altogether, the $13 Acoustibuds slip right over the existing earbuds to convert them into a noise-canceling pair of earphones. This way, you get a premium-like experience without paying a premium-like price. The deeper insertion into your ear canal also helps to limit the instances where the earphones fall out off your head.

You don’t get dynamic noise cancelling, of course, but this is still a significant upgrade over the standard earbud style that you get with so many MP3 players. Acoustibuds “use closely spaced flexible fins to stay in the ear more securely. The series of tall, soft and conformable fins flex in a manner that easily fit and retain to the ear.” Running on the treadmill is no longer a problem.

If you’re hoping for a significant improvement in audio quality, you may come out a little disappointed. While the noise-blocking and deeper ear canal channeling will help a little, crappy headphones are still crappy headphones with crappy audio quality. Then again, the Acoustibuds will only run you $13, which is much easier on a tight budget.