Next-Generation Sony PSP May Get Touchscreen, Storage, Social Networking

Next-Generation Sony PSP May Get Touchscreen, Storage, Social Networking


Late last year, I took a moment to consider how the Sony PSP will react to the Nintendo DSi. At the time, Nintendo was garnering a fair bit of attention for its next-generation portable gaming machine and it seemed like Sony should respond with an update of its own. We’ve seen some PSP concepts and random rumors in the past, but nothing substantial has risen to the surface yet.

Well, Sony has recently sent out a consumer survey to see what we want out of the next-generation PlayStation Portable. The questions in this survey could point toward what the new PSP will look like and what features it may have. You can see one page from this online survey below.

Sifting through the items, we find mention of a possible touchscreen display, working in line with the rising popularity of touchscreens thanks to the DS, iPhone, Touch Diamond, and other similar devices. Other notable possibilities include an e-book download service, social networking through XMB, Bluetooth support, integrated keyboard for Internet browsing, smaller form factor, internal hard drive for storage, GPS functionality, TV tuner, music download service, and an abundance of color combinations.

It’s unlikely that all of these features will make the cut, especially if Sony wants to keep the PSP2 as affordable as possible, but it is good to see that Sony is looking to innovate and bring something new to the next handheld.