Hand Drives Adds Digits to USB Thumb Drive

Hand Drives Adds Digits to USB Thumb Drive


For the longest time, many people referred to their USB flash drives as thumb drives. My mom has a tendency to call it a “finger” for some strange reason. This latest creation goes a little further by offering an entire hand. In this way, it’s clearly a misnomer to refer to these as thumb drives; they’re hand drives.

Although not nearly as frightening as the severed finger flash drive, this offering is still a little creepy. You get a shiny plastic hand sticking out of your computer’s USB port, either beckoning you to come closer or slinging some web at you a la Spider-man. It’s almost like it’s straight out of a sci-fi movie.

The USB hand drive, or whatever you want to call it, comes by way of Sirtfied and they’ve got these drives loaded with 2GB of internal flash memory. You can choose from versions that are black, red, or blue, and the hands have been formed into certain gestures. The Spider-man pose, for example, could be interpreted as inviting you to “rock on”.

Because of the strange shape, packing these USB hand drives into your bag or your pocket may be a little more awkward, but that’s the price you pay for something a little more unique. Look for the creepy memorable hands to retail for $35 some time next month.’