Japan’s Geeks Attack Sony VAIO P Advertising Spot

Japan’s Geeks Attack Sony VAIO P Advertising Spot


When I first caught glimpse of the Sony VAIO P Subnotebook at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week, I thought it was a pretty stylish device. Unfortunately, the accompanying advertising material didn’t make a whole lot of sense, particularly for some gadget geeks based out of Japan.

The dimensions of the Sony Vaio Pocket are such that it is quite a bit smaller than the majority of netbooks on the market. Its widescreen has a wider aspect ratio and the display only measures 8-inches across the diagonal. You have to remember that the original seven-inch Asus Eee PC still had a significant bezel around the display, whereas the Vaio P has a smaller bezel. As it result, the Sony subnotebook is actually more compact in some ways.

Well, shown below left is an actual promotional shot for the Sony Vaio P, trying to convince consumers that this subnotebook will fit your back pocket. That’s where the P in its name comes from: it’s the Vaio Pocket. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have backpack sized pockets on the back of my pants… and neither do some guys from Japan.

The center and right shots are spoofs of the ad spot, trying to shove an old ThinkPad and a new Macbook down into those pants pockets. Yeah, those don’t fit either, but at least the official Sony ad has a nicer derriere for us to look at.