RCA EZ409HD Does 1080p Video Recording on the Skinny

RCA EZ409HD Does 1080p Video Recording on the Skinny


Remember when the original Flip by Pure Digital first hit the market and everyone got so excited about an affordable and easy-to-use camcorder? Along the way, we were also introduced to the Flip Mino, the Creative Vado, and all sorts of other similar devices. If you recall, I also reviewed an RCA camcorder on here a while ago too.

Just as the Flip Mino HD and Creative Vado HD can do HD recording with a slim profile, the RCA EZ409HD can do the same. The difference? It just so happens to record at 1080p. If you read the fine print on most of these other pocket-friendly camcorders, you’ll find the high-definition models are actually only doing the HD video thing at 1080i or 720p. RCA’s EZ409HD steps it up to 1080p.

Some of the more notable features on this slim HD video recorder include the 2.0-inch LCD on the back, an intuitive user interface, and digital image stabilization. The memory comes by way of an included 2GB microSD memory card, though you could presumably swap that out for a larger microSD card at your leisure (and expense).

Ironically, the RCA EZ409HD goes back in the other direction when it comes to actual pictures too. Digital cameras can take videos and, well, this video camcorder can also take stills. The EZ409HD is capable of recording 10 megapixel photographs.