Arm-Strapped Wind Power for Your Apple iPhone

Arm-Strapped Wind Power for Your Apple iPhone


In wandering around the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it’s easy to be drawn into the booths of bigger corporations like Microsoft and Intel, but it’s when you venture off the beaten path that you discover the quirkier side of consumer electronics. During my journey today, I came across a unique product called the HYmini, a handheld universal charger that harnesses the power of the wind.

Essentially what you get in a palm-sized wind turbine that spins along, generating electricity that can then be sent to top up the battery on a variety of devices, including your cell phone, BlackBerry, iPod, iPhone, or any number of other things. They’ve got a huge family of adapters.

The wind-powered generator also has an internal battery of its own that can store 1200mAh of power. This can then be used when you need it, making it an interesting travel companion. The demo had a lady with the HYmini strapped to her bicep (no joke, they have an armband kit), but it can also be strapped to the handlebars on your bicycle (using the bike holder kit) or, theoretically, attached to the outside of your car.

In addition to wind power, the HYmini also has a couple of variants that can use a solar panel (miniSOLAR) or a hand crank (miniHANDCRANK). We’re all about green energy solutions and it doesn’t get much greener than that. For more information, check out