Slaying Vampire Power with iGo Laptop Charger

Slaying Vampire Power with iGo Laptop Charger


The guys at iGo made a name for themselves by producing universal power solutions. You can buy a single charger that can then be paired up to a variety of different devices using the iGo Tip system. The Solio Hybrid Charger, for example, takes advantage of the iGo Tip system for universal charging. This way, your iPod, your BlackBerry, and your Samsung Instinct can all get their juice from a single source.

Over at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, iGo is expanding its portfolio a little further with the iGo Laptop Charger with iGo Green Technology. Designed to replace the power supply that came with your notebook, the iGo Laptop Charger doesn’t make your notebook fill up its battery any sooner or more efficiently, but it does do something quite special.

Normally, when you plug your laptop into the wall, it’ll charge your laptop until the battery is full. At that point, it will continue to suck energy out of the wall (vampire power) even though your notebook no longer requires it. This is even if you turn off your laptop. It just keeps sucking.

With the iGo Laptop Charger, it is able to detect if your notebook no longer requires a source of power. After turning off your laptop, the iGo Laptop Charger will automatically shut itself off. This helps your power bill and it helps the environment. No word on pricing or availability.