Fuji Alkaline Batteries Are Environmental to the Max

Fuji Alkaline Batteries Are Environmental to the Max


At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it’s easy to get caught up in the largest flat panel TVs and the most impressive netbooks, but all of these great toys require power in the form of batteries. We use batteries for all sorts of things, from laptops to digital cameras, remote controls to radio-controlled cars. We need batteries.

In an effort to be a little nicer to Mother Nature, Fuji has developed a new digital alkaline battery that has absolutely minimal impact on the environment. Given this kind of philosophy and focus, you’d automatically assume that these new Fuji EnviroMax batteries, on display at CES, are rechargeable. I know I did and, well, I assumed incorrectly.

As it turns out these new “I love the Earth” batteries are disposable. When they’ve run their course powering your LED flashlights and your Robosapien, they end up in the trash. That can’t be good for the planet, right? Well, according to the Fuji reps, that’s not totally horrible.

The batteries offer maximum power with minimum impact, completely biodegrading back to basic metals that can then be re-absorbed into the Earth. The packaging is PVC free, using plastic that breaks down a lot easier. The same can be said about the cardboard backing and the battery casing.

Looking to the future, Fuji hopes to take the thinking behind the EnviroMax Digital Alkaline Battery into the rechargeable realm, but they’re “still working on that.”