Griffin Technology Loads Up for MacWorld and CES 2009

Griffin Technology Loads Up for MacWorld and CES 2009


Griffin Technology is one of the most trusted names when it comes to iPod accessories, so it’s not at all surprising to find a full slate of new products on display this week at MacWorld in San Francisco and CES in Las Vegas.

According to the email that I got from their PR rep, they have no fewer than seven new items being showcased this week and they are the following:

– SmartTalk Bluetooth Headset ($100): This seems to tackle a similar market as the Aliph Jawbone, featuring the ability to “eliminate background noise.”
– TuneBuds Fit ($50): I’ve reviewed the original Griffin TuneBuds already, but these are supposed to be a nice improvement in a number of ways.
– Noise-reducing Auxiliary Audio Cable ($20): When using the aux-in port on your car’s stereo, this cable can minimize electrical interference.
– SmartShare USB ($20): A special USB hub designed for the MacBook Air, making the recessed port more accessible.
– PowerBlock Reserve ($40): Charge your USB devices via a standard AC wall outlet and charge the internal battery for top-ups on the go.
– PowerJolt Reserve ($40): Like the PowerBlock Reserve, except it’s meant for use with an automobile’s 12V DC power outlet.
– Charge Converter Firewire to USB ($20): That’s pretty self-explanatory.

There’s nothing too wacky or “out there”, but I do like the introduction of the PowerBlock Reserve as it takes what the original PowerBlock did and adds in the functionality of something like the Ecosol PowerStick. Look for these products to filter out in the next few months.