SanDisk Flash Drive Backs Up with Single Button

SanDisk Flash Drive Backs Up with Single Button


You’ve got a lot of precious data on your computer, like that drunken picture that you have of your buddy on his birthday. Those memories simply cannot be replaced and that’s why you should have backup copies of just about anything worth saving.

Sifting through the marketplace, you’ll find a number of portable hard drives that come with simple one-click backup solutions. That concept has now been ported over to flash drives thanks to the crew at SanDisk. The flash memory maker has the otherwise nondescript-looking Ultra Backup thumb drive that comes with a simple “backup” button.

As you can probably imagine, this kind of solution is designed for people who don’t want to manually back up their documents and don’t want to mess with potentially complicated-looking software. All you do is insert the SanDisk Ultra Backup flash drive into an available USB port, hit the backup button, and the drive takes care of the rest.

Presumably, there is some initial configuration to be done so that it knows which folders are worth backing up. You probably can’t fit everything on this drive, though it does come in capacities as high as 64GB. No word on pricing.