MSI X320 Netbook Tackles the MacBook Air in Thinness

MSI X320 Netbook Tackles the MacBook Air in Thinness


Slim has been the “in” thing ever since Motorola showed off the RAZR so many years ago. Just about every electronics manufacturer has adopted the skinny mantra for one product or another. Taking on a similar segment as the MacBook Air is the newly unveiled MSI X320, a netbook that is super thin and incredibly sleek.

The profile on the MSI X320 netbook isn’t quite the same as the “teardrop” that you get with the MacBook Air. That said, it still tapers as you reach any of its four edges.

You’ll also notice that the MSI X320 is a netbook and not a notebook. That’s because it’s powered by the Intel Atom processor. Ironically, the screen measures a large(-ish) 13.4-inches and features a 16:9 aspect ratio, making it one of the largest netbooks to date. I thought the 12-inch netbooks were already blurring the lines.

Other features on the 2.9-pound MSI X320 netbook include a profile of under an inch, three USB ports, VGA out, Ethernet, a card reader, and a lack of an optical drive. While no official price point has been set just yet, an MSI official indicated that the X320 would retail for between $799 and $999.