Ford Vehicles Learn to Parallel Park Themselves

Ford Vehicles Learn to Parallel Park Themselves


Some people just aren’t very good at parallel parking, despite countless sessions with a seasoned driving instructor. They don’t have the skills or they have trouble with the sight lines. Whatever the case, if they have to parallel park somewhere, they usually end up frustrated and angry. Ford feels for these people.

While certainly not the first self-parking solution in the automotive industry, the new Ford Parking Assist Service could prove to be invaluable for those not inclined to parallel park on their own. The new system from Ford appears to work in much the same way as the system from Lexus, using a series of sensors to guide the vehicle into its parking spot.

The first couple of Ford cars to get Active Park Assist will be the Lincoln MKS Sedan and Lincoln MKT Crossover. For both of these vehicles, the self-parking system will be offered as an option and will not be standard equipment.

According to representatives at Ford, its Active Park Assist system is “much more effective” than similar systems from competitors. Whereas the Lexus system uses cameras, the Ford system uses ultrasonic sensors. With Active Park Assist, the driver is still required to shift gears, brake, and control the throttle.