Apple iPhone Gets Outfitted with 3D Camera, 3D Display

Apple iPhone Gets Outfitted with 3D Camera, 3D Display


One way that movie studios are trying to get people back to the multiplexes is by offering their movies in 3D. We’ve seen it happen with Bolt and it’s going to happen again with Monsters vs. Aliens next year. This push toward the third-dimension is now finding its way into your pocket.

The Apple iPhone is already a pretty popular device with all sorts of customization available through the App Store, but how about this SpatialView Wazabeee 3DeeShell that brings 3D to the mix? Unlike other 3D solutions that require those ugly red and blue glasses, the housing “contains a lens” that does that part of the 3D equation for you.

As a result, you can use wallpapers and view images in three-dimensions right on your iPhone. The special lens can “easily be removed at any time in order to switch back and forth between normal 2D and spellbinding 3D graphics.” You hear that? They’re spellbinding.

Going even further, you can download 3DeeCamera from the App Store (99 cents) to create your own stereoscopic images. You just use the iPhone’s camera and snap two shots and the software will work its way into creating a 3D image.