BlackBerry Storm Gets Hooked Up with YouTube Client

BlackBerry Storm Gets Hooked Up with YouTube Client


What’s the point of having that big touchscreen if you can’t enjoy some dramatic gophers and Star Wars kids? Although it was a little sad to see the BlackBerry Storm ship to mobile operators without YouTube support out of the box, it is good to hear that Google has now released a YouTube client for RIM’s first touchscreen smartphone.

As with the YouTube client on other devices like the Samsung Instinct and Apple iPhone, the YouTube client for the BlackBerry Storm effectively grants users access to the tons of hilarious, entertaining, and sometimes informative videos found on one of the Internet’s most popular video-sharing websites.

It should be noted that while the Storm’s built-in web browser is capable of browsing YouTube, the dedicated client should be able to offer a richer experience. At least, that’s what Google is saying.

Some of the critical features found in the Storm’s YouTube client include the ability to browse videos through a number of different criteria, access your own YouTube account for Favorites and Playlists, upload mobile videos directly from your phone, share and rate videos, and discover related videos.

This way, you can enjoy all the latest Dot Com Pho videos on the go too!