Samsung S8300 with Touchscreen AMOLED, Sliding Keypad

Samsung S8300 with Touchscreen AMOLED, Sliding Keypad


Although I haven’t been terribly impressed with their reception at times, I’ve always enjoyed the slim slider form factor found in so many Samsung cell phones. More recently, there has been a push toward touchscreen devices so Samsung is apparently combining these two elements with the upcoming Samsung S8300.

Unlike other touchscreen mobile phones on the market, the Samusng S8300 slider appears to boast a gorgeous AMOLED touchscreen display, making for some incredibly vibrant colors and crisp text. The 2.8-inch screen rocks 16 million colors and has a WQVGA resolution.

But that’s not where the fun ends. You can slide the phone upward, like so many Samsung handsets before it, to reveal a standard numeric keypad. Other features include integrated GPS, FM radio with RDS, Bluetooth 2.1, and HSDPA 7.2Mbps.

Around the back, there is some straight design that may or may not change before release, but you’ll also find an impressive 8 megapixel autofocus camera with dual LED flash. From what I can tell, the overall design will be quite similar to something like the U700, except it’ll have a better camera, an AMOLED touchscreen, and a Halloween-themed color scheme.