Prime Laptop Expands to Reveal 26-Inch Triple Display

Prime Laptop Expands to Reveal 26-Inch Triple Display


Just because you want to get your gaming fix on a notebook does not mean that you need to sacrifice anything in terms of experience, as evidenced by this massive Prime Laptop concept.

Up until now, most of the beefier gaming laptops on the market have topped out with 17-inch or 19-inch displays. Very rarely, if ever, do you find any notebook computer break the 20-inch barrier. The Prime Laptop crushes that by effectively giving you a full 26-inches of super wide aspect gaming.

Interestingly, when you call it a day and close up shop with the Prime Laptop, it folds down to a footprint no larger than a 13-inch notebook. This is because the two outer displays actually slide out (and in) as needed. When expanded you get 26-inches of OLED action. When closed, you get a reasonably level of portability. It’s almost the best of both worlds.

It is just a concept at this point, but the designer says that the Prime Laptop could be outfitted with a robust aluminum body (for strength and cooling), dual processors, dual GPUs, and large vents to counteract overheating. I’m thinking it’ll have lots of RAM, perhaps a solid state drive or two, and some other niceties as well.

I don’t even want to know how much something like this would cost, but I’m sure there’s an avid gamer or three out there who could be swayed.