Volvo Developing “Crash Proof” Technologies

Volvo Developing “Crash Proof” Technologies


As any driver can attest, getting into a fender-bender isn’t exactly the most pleasant of experiences. It’s not only the damage to the car itself, but also the hassle of having to deal with insurance adjusters, body shops, and all that other bureaucratic stuff in between. This is above and beyond, you know, the potential for nagging injuries and potential fatalities.

Volvo is a marque that has long since established itself as a leader in safety, so it only follows reason that it will be one of the first automakers to make a “crash proof” car. No, it’s not that the car will automatically repair itself following a collision. The point is that it can work to prevent the crash from happening in the first place.

We already see things like ABS brakes and stability control, but the new “crash proof” technologies take this philosophy much further. The technology will be previewed in the Volvo S60 concept car (pictured) next month. The aim is, by 2020, “no one should be killed or injured in a Volvo car,” said safety expert Thomas Broberg.

Working toward this, the upcoming XC60 SUV can detect an upcoming crash and slow down the vehicle accordingly. The S60 concept goes further with Collision Warning with Full Auto Brake, as well as a pedestrian detection system.