Sony VAIO Pocket Enters UMPC/Netbook Market

Sony VAIO Pocket Enters UMPC/Netbook Market


Seeing how everyone from Asus to HP has developed a netbook of some kind, it only made sense to see an offering from Sony too. Well, that has finally come to pass with the unveiling of the VAIO Pocket.

We caught the teaser for this netbook earlier this week and, just as promised, the wait is now over. Interestingly, the size of the VAIO Pocket is a little unconventional, even for the relatively young netbook market.

In general, netbooks will come with displays that are 7-inches, 8.9-inches, or 10-inches. You’ll also find a handful that push the envelope at 12.1-inches. The Sony VAIO Pocket, by contrast, adopts an eight-inch LED display with a resolution of 1600×768. That’s impressive!

Other specs revealed by the team at SonyStyle include a 1.33GHz Intel (Atom?) processor, Windows Vista (Home Premium or Basic), up to 60GB hard drive or 128GB solid state drive, and an unknown battery life rating. The price hasn’t been revealed either.

Look for the Sony VAIO Pocket (designated with a P for the series) to ship in Crimson Red, Champagne Gold, or Black Silk.