Apple iPhone Gets Groovy with Virtual Lava Lamp

Apple iPhone Gets Groovy with Virtual Lava Lamp


No one ever said that the most popular applications for the Apple iPhone had to be functional in any sort of the way. The recently released iLava app speaks exactly to this kind of philosophy.

Taking a quick stroll down memory lane, you’ll find applications like the iFart and the iBeer apps that really did nothing but provide a brief moment of novelty and entertainment. In much the same way, the iLava app doesn’t really help you with being more productive or more efficient. Instead, it’s just about being more groovy.

Developed by Gotham Wave Games of New York City, the iLava app for the iPhone essentially mimics the look and feel of a lava lamp. The groovy icon of the 1960s provides blobs of goo that can be manipulated using your fingers, providing a little more interaction than the original lava lamps of the swinging sixties. You can even play music while fiddling with the lava blobs.

Find the iLava app for the iPhone through the App Store for 99 cents. Here’s the iTunes link.