Apple iPod Rocks Out Vacuum Style with Rockridge Japan

Apple iPod Rocks Out Vacuum Style with Rockridge Japan


It’s always interesting when you see the juxtapositioning of cutting-edge technology with something that kicks it much more old school. That’s probably why products from Steampunk are so popular (and appropriately expensive). This is the case today with a speaker dock for the iPod.

The ISR-VT02 from Rockridge Japan is a vacuum amplifier-equipped iPod speaker dock, looking like it came from That 70s Show if it weren’t for the iPod protruding from the top. Rockridge says that the ISR-VT02 will work with just about any dock connected iPod, including the Mini, the Touch, and even the iPhone.

Unlike some other iPod speaker docks that do the vacuum tube thing, the Rockridge Japan ISR-VT02 isn’t really that gaudy with its appearance. You don’t really see the vacuum amps.

Rounding out the features are a couple of 12W speakers measuring 8cm each, mini stereo inputs in the front and back, RCA inputs in the back, FM radio, and a remote control. Choose from retro brown or contemporary white. The speaker dock can be found in Japan for 34,800 Yen, which works out to about $300.