Kodak Cuts Employee Voicemail to Save Company

Kodak Cuts Employee Voicemail to Save Company


Absolutely determined not to suffer the same fate as Polaroid, Kodak is going through, cutting costs anywhere that it can. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to stay alive and Kodak definitely recognizes this.

In an effort to stay afloat during tough economic times, Kodak has reportedly eliminated employee voicemail altogether. If you were hoping to reach someone at Kodak but that person was out of the office at the time, you have no choice but to call back later. You will not be able to leave a message.

Kodak is doing away with the voicemail system as of December 31. This is when the company’s current voicemail contract expires. Presumably, this cost-cutting measure only affects the landlines of the company, but I’m assuming that employees still get company-provided cell phones and nearly all corporate plans come with voicemail anyway.

Voicemail isn’t the only thing on the way out at Kodak. The camera and film company is also shutting down most of its Qualex film processing division, putting about 300 people out of the job. That includes two-thirds of the staff at the Durham, North Carolina headquarters.