Multi-Touch Mighty Mouse Coming from Apple Next Year?

Multi-Touch Mighty Mouse Coming from Apple Next Year?


As cute and sleek as the current Apple Mighty Mouse may be, it’s not exactly the best mouse on the market. Many people have complained about the little nipple in the middle and how it’s not the most usable feature on the little computer pointer. Pushing the innovation envelope, Apple may be set to release an updated Mighty Mouse next year, doing away with the nipple altogether.

As before, you won’t get a visible “button” on the top of the new Mighty Mouse, but there will be something very different about Mighty Mouse 2009. The difference is that the surface of the Mighty Mouse will be replaced by a multi-touch trackpad, just like the one that you’d find on a MacBook or a Macbook Pro.

This comes from a number of patents from Apple that hint toward this kind of functionality and we can’t say for sure whether his royal Steve-ness will go forward with this design in the new year, but it does provide an interesting proposition.

With the MacBook line, you can perform a wide variety of tasks through simple multi-touch gestures on the trackpad. Go forward or back on a webpage. Zoom in and zoom out on your pictures. This gesture-based user interface is appreciated, but lost when it comes to the regular Mighty Mouse. A new one featuring a trackpad could address that very issue. You’d still be able to “click” by tapping on the trackpad, just like on a MacBook.

Given the switch from white plastic to silver aluminum for new MacBooks, it follows logically that the new multi-touch Mighty Mouse would also take on this kind of aesthetic. It’d probably also have a lower, flatter profile to best accommodate the multi-touch trackpad. I think this looks pretty hot. Let’s hope it’s for real.