Video: Top Gear Test Drives Honda FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Car

Video: Top Gear Test Drives Honda FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Car


Normally, when we turn to the blokes on Top Gear, we find some of the highest performing supercars this world has ever known. Not today. Today, we take a look at “the most important car since the car was invented.” Those are some pretty bold words spoken by James Bay of Top Gear, but he could very well be right.

Taking a look at the Honda FCX Clarity, you wouldn’t think that it looks like anything special. Realistically, it’s not all that different than a standard Honda Civic sedan. That’s not the important part, of course, because you need to consider the technology that lies beneath this otherwise nondescript car.

It’s an electric car, so it’s already a step ahead of a hybrids like the Toyota Prius. That said, it’s not the same kind of electric as the Tesla Roadster. With those plug-in electric vehicles, you have to plug the car into a wall outlet for several hours at a time to get any sort of reasonable range. With the FCX Clarity, you get your own electric powerplant built right into the car. In this way, it’s “nothing like any electric car we’ve ever seen before.”

Pulling into a hydrogen fueling station, you top up the tank with compressed liquid hydrogen. The car then combines this with the oxygen around you to generate electricity which then powers the wheels. The only byproduct is water. Hydrogen and oxygen make water. Even Jay Leno is a fan and he’s about as big a car enthusiast as it gets.

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