Verizon Gets More Motorola Love Next Year

Verizon Gets More Motorola Love Next Year


Yesterday, we caught a glimpse of some new Motorola phones that would be heading to Verizon Wireless some time in 2009. I’m particularly a fan of how the Motorola CALGARY looks, because it’s super slick and ushers in some interesting design cues for the big M. As it turns out, that’s not where the Moto-Verizon relationship is ending.

A trio of additional Motorola phones have now been leaked onto the Internet and these too will also be released through Verizon Wireless in the United States. For now, we’re looking at just their codenames and some computer renderings, but it looks like Verizon and Motorola are really getting along quite well.

On the left, you see the Motorola NIAGRA. You could say that it takes the sliding form factor that we find in the current Motorola RIZR line, but it’s been updated with some sharper styling. I hope that this is mostly metal (aluminum) rather than just silver-painted plastic. The keypad is pretty cool too, borrowing some inspiration from the RAZR, but it’s different enough to stand on its own.

In the middle is the Motorola FAIRBANKS, a tougher flip phone that looks to be designed for all the push-to-talk fans in the audience. The external display is a little larger than usual and it is mated with some external media controls as well. And on the right is the Motorola HARMONY. This also appears to be a clamshell, except the external media controls appear to be touch-sensitive.