MP3 Player Roundup: Ribbit, Metal Gear, and Taxes

MP3 Player Roundup: Ribbit, Metal Gear, and Taxes


One of the most popular gift ideas around this time of year is the almighty MP3 player. People like the ability to take their music collections with them on the go, so it makes sense to provide someone with the gift of music. With that in mind, let’s take a look at three pretty different stories in the world of portable music.

First off, we have the strangely-designed Nextar Ribbit MA589 MP3 Player. As you can quite plainly see, this budget-minded music machine is shaped like the decapitated head of a cartoon frog. Poor Keroppi. Then again, I don’t think Keroppi speaks seven languages like this $25 MP3/WMA player.

MP3 players aren’t just about music. It turns out they’re about some pretty high-end gaming too, because Konami has announced that it is bringing Metal Gear Solid Touch to the iPod touch (and iPhone). Yes, the next Metal Gear is an iPhone game.

“In this world, nothing is certain but death and taxes.” New York Governor David Patterson agrees, because under his proposed budget, your portable entertainment will be taxed. He’s proposing what has become known as an iPod tax where all portable players get taxed, in addition to “digitally delivered entertainment services.” Everything from Netflix to iTunes would fall under that umbrella term.