Palm Gets Own Dedicated App Store Too

Palm Gets Own Dedicated App Store Too


Owners of the Apple iPhone can access all sorts of additional functionality through the App Store. T-Mobile G1 users can gain a similar experience through the Android Market. And now, Palm enthusiasts can get in on the mobile fun as well, because the official Palm Software Store has been launched as well.

As you already know, smartphones are just used for voice calls anymore, because they have the same kind of processing power that you’d find on a mini computer. People want productivity apps, mobile games, reference materials, and all sorts of other things. The Software Store for Palm smartphones addresses this growing need.

Since Palm phones are available with two different operating systems, the Palm Software Store (also known as the Palm App Store) will be made available for both Windows Mobile and Palm OS by ACCESS. The interface through the handset should be similar to the Apple App Store and Android Market.

Available for download right now, the Palm Software Store has already been loaded with over 5,000 apps and games, including over 1,000 free apps. Some of the highlights include Facebook, Pac-Man, Pocket Quicken, and Tetris.