Intel Convertible Classmate PC Coming to CES 2009

Intel Convertible Classmate PC Coming to CES 2009


While most of us won’t be directly interested in the Intel Convertible Classmate PC itself, the small convertible Tablet PC could speak volumes into what is yet to come in the netbook market.

It’s clearly not the first small convertible tablet on the market, since we’ve already seen some offerings from Flybook, Kohjinsha, and Gigabyte, but since the Classmate PC line from Intel is meant to be reasonably affordable, we could be looking at a surge in inexpensive convertible netbooks.

The first Classmate PC was netbook styled and it catered specifically to the classroom environment for young children. It was similar, in this way, to something like the OLPC XO Laptop. With this new version, called the Convertible Classmate PC, we gain a touchscreen display that rotates and swivels.

Further still, the Convertible Classmate PC has a built-in accelerometer, so it can automatically orient its touchscreen in landscape or portrait mode based on how the young one is holding his little computer. Also, it has “the ability to tell if your palm is touching the screen while you’re writing with the stylus.”

Well done, Intel. Now let’s see some similar (and affordable) alternatives from Acer, Asus, HP, Dell, MSI, and the rest of the mainstream netbook crew.