Completely New Sony PSP Coming in 2009 After All?

Completely New Sony PSP Coming in 2009 After All?


They must be keeping Sony Computer Entertainment chief David Reeves in some dark cave, because he could quite possibly be well outside of the loop. Despite earlier reports that Sony currently has no plans to release a PSP2, newer reports have surfaced saying that not only are they working on one, but the new gaming handheld could be ready some time next year.

Chalk this up in the rumor column, but Eurogamer has apparently procured some “publisher sources” saying that a second PlayStation Portable (PSP2) is well into development, because these game publishers are already developing titles for the currently nonexistent handheld.

If the dev teams are already working on games for the new portable system, this would mean that the Sony PSP2, whatever it may be called, can only be a short while away. In this way, we could very well be looking at the unexpected launch of the PSP2 by the end of next year, if not shortly thereafter. Remember that the original PSP hit store shelves in 2004, so it’s due for an update.

In the meantime, we also hear that a new version of the current PSP is also in the works and this is being targeted for a late 2009 release. The PSP-4000 will presumably take what the PSP-3000 did (brighter screen, slimmer profile) and go even further with that.