CES 2009 to See New Palm OS “Nova” Unveiling?

CES 2009 to See New Palm OS “Nova” Unveiling?


Chalk this one up with a huge bucket of salt in the rumor column (or something like that), but word on the street has a new Palm operating system making its official debut at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month.

According to BusinessWeek, the all new operating system is set to be announced at CES 2009 as part of a Palm special event. At this time, Palm isn’t saying much about what this special event entails, but the company did make mention that this event will be revealing something new. A much anticipated OS makes perfect sense.

The supposed codename for the new Palm OS is Nova, though that may change when it finally becomes official. You may have noticed that many Palm phones, with the noted exception of the Centro, have made the jump to the Windows Mobile platform, so it may be good to see it return to its roots. In a new way. With a new operating system.

Yes, this is 99% speculation and nothing has been set in stone, but since we’ve been waiting for a new platform for Palm’s smartphones for many moons now, Las Vegas could provide quite the epic venue for the announcement. I’ll be in Sin City for CES, so hopefully I’ll be able to dig up a good story for you guys.