Video: Google Android Ported and Running on HTC Touch Smartphone

Video: Google Android Ported and Running on HTC Touch Smartphone


If you are not satisfied with the T-Mobile G1 but would still like to enjoy the Google Android smartphone platform, it seems that you have a few more options. In fact, here’s a video of an old HTC Touch running on Android. That’s pretty cool and, by implication, it could almost mean that nearly any HTC Windows Mobile smartphone can be swapped out for some Google-y goodness.

It certainly helps that Google Android was developed right from the beginning as an open-source operating system, so it’s not that hard for enthusiasts to tear it apart, dissect it, and understand it. The guys at XDA-developers have always been great with coming up with unlocking and debranding information, so shifting a new operating system onto those phones is a natural progression.

In the video below, you’ll see the Android OS running on the CDMA variant of the HTC Touch. You may know this specific handset as the HTC Vogue. In the video, you can see that Android is running pretty smoothly and because the OS doesn’t come with integrated support for an on-screen keyboard (and since the Touch doesn’t have a keypad), they had to create a custom on-screen keyboard so that the OS would be usable at all.

Interested in doing this to your own phone? The HTC Touch will need the MSM7X00 processor and you’ll need to upgrade your radio to 3.42.50. Download the files, run the executable file included, and the rest is just gravy. Interestingly, a simple reboot will revert you back to Windows Mobile land. Full instructions here.