Nokia E71 Gets More Color Combinations, Including Red

Nokia E71 Gets More Color Combinations, Including Red


I guess the Nokia E71 has been around for a little while now, so as is the norm with this industry, the crazy kooks at Nokia have decided to dress up in a few more colors. As you know, the Nokia E71 is currently available in silver, but the Finnish firm has at least two more options above and beyond that color scheme.

Yes, we already know about the white version, but I’m talking about at least two more colors. First, we have the Nokia E71 in red, as shown here. The keys are a very vibrant ruby red, but the rest of the phone retains the silver trim. This rendition looks incredibly festive to me and it may appeal to people who want to make a bolder statement with their Symbian smartphone.

For the classier and more subdued among us, there will also be a black-and-silver version of the Nokia E71 available. This one has a more classic appearance and may be more suitable for corporate types. I actually dig the black version, even though some people may say that it’s a little boring.

The crazy thing is, when you include the E71 Lite E63 as part of the phone family, you’re looking at no fewer than 15 different versions of the same handset. There’s the silver E71-1, silver E71-2, silver E71-3, white E71-1, white E71-2, white E71-3, red E71 (possibly all three regions), black E71 (possibly all three regions, black E71x, red E63-1, red E63-2, red E63-3, blue E63-1, blue E63-2, and blue E63-3. Whew. What a mouthful.