Touchscreen-Enabled MSI Wind Netbook Next Month

Touchscreen-Enabled MSI Wind Netbook Next Month


I will be in Las Vegas next month for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and it is there that MSI plans on showing off its new touchscreen MSI Wind netbook. This is a pretty big leap forward for the little laptop that could, because it could help to separate the Wind from the rest of the subnotebook pack.

Yes, I know that the MSI Wind will not be the only ultraportable with a touchscreen display, but depending on where MSI positions this product, it could be a much more affordable option that some of the other ones out there. For example, I know that the small convertible tablet from Gigabyte retails for somewhere near the $1,000 mark, whereas the standard MSI Wind is in the $400 to $500 range.

Even if there is a $100-$150 premium for the touchscreen version, the touchy MSI Wind would still be several hundred dollars less. Very few other details are available at this time, so I guess we’ll just have to wait until next month to find out more.

If you happen to find yourself in Las Vegas for CES, the MSI booth will have a few more things on display as well. The current Wind U100 will continue to be offered alongside the 3G-enabled Wind U120, and they’ll also be showing off the Wind U110 and Wind U115. These get the new Atom Z530 chip, while the U115 will have an SSD and a hard drive. The latter shuts off to save power, pushing battery life into the ten hour range.

Lastly, MSI will have a MacBook Air-esque 13.3-inch ultraportable as well. It won’t be placed in the same segment as the Wind line, but Andy Tung of MSI says that people will be “shocked” by it.